Figure Skating May Camp With Olea Taboulchanas

May Camp 2017 – Info Sheet – Click Here To Download

  • National Certified Coach
  • Level 4 Choreography
  • ACD Coach
  • Coach of Winter Games
  • Coach of Provincial Medalists
  • Coach of Challenge Competitors

All ages – Star 1-6. Advanced Canskaters welcome**

Join us for 2 days of fun group edge classes and off ice programming designed to:

  • Strengthen the skating body
  • Work on the quickness of the body movements to help for faster execution
  • Improved flexibility to enhance positions for this demanding sport
  • Athletes will learn to help their performance at home, at the rink or after skating.
  • Athletes will get inspired about goal setting and learning how to self-motivate to give them the work ethic needed to train hard and smart.
  • interaction with audience and judges.
  • Athletes will have fun learning new edge exercise to help them become stronger skaters

May 6

3:45-4:45 Off-Ice Training at the Lethbridge College Fitness Studio

5:30-7:00 On-Ice at the Civic Center

May 27

2:00-3:00 Off-Ice Training at the Lethbridge College Fitness Studio

3:45-5:00 On-Ice at the Nicholas Sheran

COST $80 Registration Deadline April 15th

Contact Olea @ 403-795- 6532, Kari Cales @ 403-715-6260


**Must have passed stage 3 and partial 4. Must be able to skate backwards, glide on one foot forward and backwards, execute turns forward to backwards on one foot and be inspired to learn!

Get ready for May camp!!!

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